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Oklahoma Archivists Association 2023 Workshops

The Oklahoma Archivists Association (OAA) will be hosting a series of workshops through 2023. All workshops will be hosted online with free registration with optional donation to help fund future OAA programming. Membership to OAA is not required to register for attending workshops. Information about OAA workshops will be updated on this page.

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Preparing Rolled Panoramic Photographs for Storage and Conservation
Monday, July 10 @ 2:00pm – Samantha Schafer


How do you store rolled panoramic photographs without incurring more damage? What’s the best way to pack them if they’re being sent off for conservation? This workshop will walk you through a DIY approach to storing and shipping rolled panoramic photographs, using materials that are already in most archives and/or easily obtainable. Workshop will be led by Samantha Schafer, Archivist at National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/eyKN8RcsDWAhDeAX9

Project Management in the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center
Wednesday, July 26 @ 2:00pm – Kristi Hendricks and Sabrina Denmon


The National Science Foundation awarded funding to the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center, Harvard University, and the University of Iowa in 2022 for the development of an automated system for identifying politically important content from advertising images, audio, and text as well as for the development of a user interface that enables researchers to search, interact with, and view videos.

The Center is tasked with compiling a thorough, organized body of information and distributing it to project collaborators quickly and efficiently. In our session, we will discuss how we navigate and develop solutions to ensure long-term discoverability and provide a long-term, practical workflow strategy.

Our efforts on the project address important issues like the absence of technical and administrative documentation and unclear workflow procedures that have caused significant collection irregularities. We will also discuss the impact of long-term archival coherency in terms of content migration processes and retrieval methodology.


My name is Sabrina Denmon. I am a recent MLIS graduate and I work for the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center’s Archives, working with the Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Collection. I assist our senior archivist with archive tasks and on our NSF grant project. I moved to Oklahoma in 2021 from Arkansas, where I lived most of my life. I previously obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in History and Psychology from Lyon College in Batesville. I enjoy working with the old papers, tapes, film, and audio materials at the archive and hope to eventually be employed as an audiovisual archivist. 

My name is Kristi Hendricks. I am working on my MLIS degree and will be graduating in 2024 with an imbedded certificate in Archival Studies. My most recent graduate assistant work is working also for the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center’s Archives, working with the Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Collection. I have enjoyed working with analog material from the archive and gaining skills with digitization. I am from Oklahoma and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. I hope to eventually work for a special collection in a museum or library, especially if it relates to the natural sciences. However, I am open to most any collection.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/gzRqHdaaZXrTUQVU9

Preservation Housing for Paper Collections
Wednesday, August 9 @ 2:00pm – Jennifer Green


Caring for paper items is as simple as placing them in archival preservation housing. Stabilization, repair and protection can be achieved without fancy tools or expensive specialty supplies. Learn how to utilize basic archival storage supplies to their maximum potential while preserving paper items during processing. This session outlines how staff time spent handling documents during processing can also include preservation activities. Outcomes of this session include: knowledge of basic paper preservation principles; essentials of proper housing techniques for paper items; and how to make your own spacers and enclosures.


Jennifer Green is an Archivist/Records Management Specialist at the Oklahoma State Archives. Her experience includes managing the Manuscripts Division of the Oklahoma Historical Society and serving as the first municipal archivist and records manager for The City of Oklahoma City where she established an archival program, updated the records retention schedule, and processed requests for public records.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/uttYQam9izWupUU6A