Oklahoma Archivists Association


Membership Committee 
Chair: Mattie Barlow, OAA Vice President
The Membership Committee distributes membership information and coordinates membership drives.

Communications Committee
Chair: Sana Masood, OAA Information Officer
The Communication Committee interacts with membership through posting social media updates, communicating necessary information, and working with the President to create quarterly newsletters.

Budget and Finance Committee
Chair: Christina Wolf, OAA Treasurer
The Budget and Finance Committee creates an annual budget to be approved by the Board and arranges an annual audit of the financial records.

Education Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: TBD
The Education Committee plans and produces educational content for OAA members including webinars, workshops, and other presentations.

Events Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: TBD 
The Events Committee plans the biennial Oklahoma Archivists Association Bazaar.

Website Committee (ad hoc)
Chair: Sana Masood, OAA Information Officer
The Website Committee works to investigate new website hosting options for OAA, design a new membership-focused website, and implement the transition to the new website.