Carl Albert Center’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Digital Collection

Carl Albert Center’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Digital Collection

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Greetings to everyone!

We are excited to invite you to visit the new Carl Albert Center’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Digital Collection. This digital project was created to act as a resource for the general public, students, researchers, staff, and faculty when investigating/analyzing this historic time in Oklahoma. By focusing on Cleveland County, the City of Norman, and the greater Oklahoma City areas, we have the ability to capture our local community’s experience and response. The site will also feature oral histories from state and local leadership, as permitted.

Additionally, we are capturing several websites (daily) from: The City of Norman (COVID-19), the Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 Website, The University of Oklahoma Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates and Resource Website, both State and City of Norman YouTube Channels, virtual town halls, city and state proclamations, newsletters, and emails that we can collect. We are also scraping Twitter multiple times a day to collect Tweets from, Mayor Breea Clark, The City of Norman, the State Department of Health, Governor Kevin Stitt, and Congresswoman Kendra Horn.

We want YOUR help in making this significant resource, a community collaboration. I know many of you have images that you have taken at grocery stores in Norman, parking lots, notices on businesses, and more. We also want your stories and experiences during this time and hope to contribute that material to our website as well. I invite each of you to share YOUR experiences, images, documentation, graphs or data, and other important information that can help students, faculty, and staff, to look back and explore such an extraordinarily historic time. If you visit the website Carl Albert Center’s COVID-19 Digital Collection and navigate to the ‘Contribute an Item’ tab, you will be directed to a location to deposit your items.

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