NEDCC Preservation Training Update – New Webinars Posted

NEDCC Preservation Training Update – New Webinars Posted

NEW Preservation Training WEBINARS – July through December 2020 

Led by NEDCC’s Preservation Specialists, Conservators, and Digital Imaging and Audio Preservation Professionals

ONE- OR TWO-HOUR LIVE WEBINARS on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Disaster Planning for Extended Closures
  • Assessing and Improving Collections Security
  • Understanding Archival Storage Materials
  • Intro to Audio Preservation
  • Caring for Paper-based Collections
  • Thinking Outside the Box When Boxing
  • Digitizing Scrapbooks
  • Storing AV Collections
  • Managing Moving Image Collections
  • Understanding the Conservation of Parchment Documents
  • Caring for Vellum-bound Books
  • Strategies for Born-digital Collections
  • Creating Preservation-quality Oral History Recordings
  • Strategies for Nitrate and Acetate Negatives and Film
  • and more . . .


  • Preservation 101 – Preservation Basics for Paper and Media Collections, the 10 session web course
  • Managing an Environmental Monitoring Program, the 2 session web course   

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR RECORDINGS – Training at your convenience on topics from digital preservation to fundraising to AV preservation, and caring for different types of collections, including oversize materials, framed collections, digital media, and scrapbooks, photographs, and more.   

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS and to Register:  NEDCC Preservation Training

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