Emergency Preparedness and Response Online Course

Emergency Preparedness and Response Online Course

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Online Course will meet every Thursday in October 2020 from 10:00am-11:30am, Central Time.

The Online Course is FREE to attend, but interested individuals must complete an application for registration. Registration is only open to staff, volunteers and board members of museums, historical societies, historic sites, zoos and botanical gardens, historic houses, living history museums, tribal cultural centers, other museum-related institutions, libraries and archives in the state of Oklahoma.

Deadline to apply is August 1. You will be notified by August 15 if your registration for the Online Course was accepted as the course is limited to 30 participants.

When registering, you will declare that you will complete and/or update a disaster plan for your organization within one month of completion of the course. If you are unable to make such a declaration, please do not register for the course.

Application for Registration

During the information packed online course, you will learn the process and skills to improve the emergency preparedness and response of your organization. 

Week 1 Emergency Planning Basics and the Emergency Team

Week 2 Risk Assessment and Choosing a Plan Template

Week 3 Contact Lists and Salvage Priorities

Week 4 Procedures, Supplies and Implementation

Week 5 How Did It Go/Basics of Response

As an added bonus and incentive for participants to complete their institution’s emergency plan during the course, the instructor, Rebecca Elder, has been retained to review and comment on the final plans produced by the course participants.

Visit the Oklahoma Museums Association website here to learn more.

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