News from the Carl Albert Center Archives

News from the Carl Albert Center Archives

The Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center, a unique and nonpartisan institution that strengthens representative democracy through scholarship, learning, and service in Norman, Oklahoma, has been busy this past year. Below are a few projects they’ve been working on.

The center has completed a couple of grant projects including:

  1. Carl Albert Interactive Platform of Discovery (6000 images from the Carl Albert Photo Collection)
  2. Sounds of History AV Lab: Finalize construction of the Audio Visual Laboratory (AV Lab) based at Monnet Hall on the University of Oklahoma’s campus in Norman, Oklahoma. This lab will act as a valuable resource for local museums, archives, and libraries to professionally preserve and digitize obsolete materials, as well as provide students with practical experience managing AV materials.

They were also awarded a few grants this Spring and Summer for the following projects:

  1. Oklahoma City Redlining: A Community Analysis Project : We will conduct semi-structured and unstructured interviews to draw out the experiences of individuals who live and work in Oklahoma City. The interviews, combined with video footage and historical and archival documents, will tell the long history of how federal housing policy influenced the growth and changes in Oklahoma City. We will describe the project in more detail below and in other section of the proposal but the content will be communicated on a website where the redlining map of Oklahoma City ( is the landing page and the audience will click on different area types to see text, photos, watch videos, see virtual tours, and read archival documents. The proposed exhibit will feature an interactive website described throughout the proposal.
  2. The Kanter Political Ad Project (Presidential Series of 10,000 ads) Google Cloud Credits Grant to work with Harvard University Government and Statistics to create an auto-model for metadata/description – You can PLEASE SUBSCRIBE at our YouTube Channel: We have 2,063 videos uploaded with the help of SLIS interns!

For more information, you can visit their website at

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